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Academy Civilian Self Protection Program

No experience is needed to participate in this program. 

The Academy motto is 'I am worth protecting'.  You are valuable and worth protecting.  The Academy offers world class self protection training.  In addition to effective martial art training, this program will develop character skills including leadership, confidence and respect along with physical fitness.  This program is offered on:

                      Youth                Adults

Tuesday       6:00-6:50             7:00 - 7:50

Thursday      6:00-6:50            7:00 - 7:50

Saturday       10:00-10:50        11:00 - 11:50

A complete martial art education is offered.  The participants will graduate the program with skills which they have tested under adrenaline scenarios.  The training objective is to protect yourself from any realistic attack that is tested via adrenaline scenarios.  You will start with good awareness and boundary setting training.  You will learn unarmed and armed (stick, knife and fire arm) combat techniques and apply them to different attacks such as standing, ground, weapons and multiple attackers.  In addition, students will develop valuable character traits and leadership skills.  Here is a demo on the type of training you will receive:

World class adrenaline scenarios -

Effective knockouts -

Visit us on facebook:,  or call 989-631-5960 or e-mail [email protected] to schedule a free New Student Orientation.  Some new students like the Quick Start Program. This is 2 hours of private lessons with an Academy or CMA shirt for only $110. This is a great way to prepare for the weekly classes.

Combative Martial Arts (CMA) Program

Combative Martial Arts (CMA) is a modern martial art system on the ancient martial arts. It integrates the best ideas and techniques from many systems. Historically martial art experts were capable of defending themselves and others, had the courage to stand up for what is right and were respected for their insight and wisdom. CMA builds on these fine traditions. You will develop many benefits such as improved confidence, self respect and physical fitness while having a great time.

The ultimate goal of martial art training is to learn how to protect yourself and others. Each of us has a natural self preservation instinct that kicks in to protect us. When your life is on the line, your body kicks into survival mode with adrenaline surging through your system.  Our goal is not to hurt others but to protect ourselves. We need realistic martial art training that complements our self protection instinct.


The program begins by enrolling and regular participation in one of the weekly classes.  Craig instructs CMA classes at The Academy:


Craig Sira has always been interested in the martial arts. He began formal training in the martial arts in 1984 with some boxing prior to that time. He is a proven instructor known for getting his students to a high level of skill very quickly.  He has earned instructor status in:

·         Karate (1986)

·         Modern Arnis (by Prof Presas 1991)

·         Certifying Instructor Practitioner Level 1 in Kyusho Jitsu (by Evan Pantanzi and Jim Corn 2009)

·         Certified Instructor Level 1 and 2 in FAST Defense Adrenaline Scenarios (by Bill Kipp 2011)

He is the founder of Combative Martial Arts and has authored five books and nine DVDs on the martial arts (  Always the student, Craig continues to train and study other martial art systems. The class curriculum is flexible and customized to the student. In the fall of 2010, Craig and Laura opened The Academy Martial Arts and Fitness. The Academy is dedicated to world class martial art programs.  Here is some clips of Craig in action -

Craig offers several types of training:

1. Weekly Martial Art Training on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

2. Quarterly Martial Art Research Class.

3. Private Lessons.

4. Seminars and special workouts.

He does presentations on self protection and bullies to groups such as scouts, women's groups, college groups, etc. Please contact him if you are interested.


Craig Sira

The Academy Martial Arts and Fitness

700 Poseyville Road

Midland , MI 48640


[email protected]

Character Counts

The martial arts are a fascinating study. I am dedicated to helping my students reach their martial art goals in a safe, step-by-step manner. I have been instructing the martial arts since 1986 and continue to research new aspects of the martial arts. A martial artist follows principles of honor, self respect, courage, integrity, perseverance and respect for others. A sense of self respect and confidence can be seen in the practitioner.

Respect is the most critical factor in the martial arts. In all of my classes, proper respect is stressed at all times. Respect must be shown to fellow students, instructors, equipment and, most important, to yourself. Everyone in the class is expected to support each other. Only by working together can we all succeed. True martial artists are very respectful yet have the ability to defend themselves when necessary.

At The Academy character counts and is part of advancement. 

Self Protection Code of Safety

Safe training helps everyone. Everyone in the class is responsible to behave in a safe manner. This includes the following:

1. Behaviors that must be followed.

a. Reduce force of strikes to the head

b. No throws to the head

c. Slow cranks to the head

d. Slow crank to other submissions.

e. No body slams or forceful takedowns.

2. Always make certain your partner is ready.

3. Operate at a safe level of intensity for both partners.

If an injury occurs then 2 weeks starting at time of injury of reduced training level. This will occur every week until the instructor and student ok regular training.

You can do this.  Contact us today at:

You can do this. Enroll today. 

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' - Lao Tzu.