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Academy Black Belts

Earning a black belt in the martial arts is a huge accomplishment.  It takes at least three years to earn The Academy Black Belt.  Over the three years the students gain a lot of experience in punches, grappling, sticks, knifes, woofing, adrenaline scenarios, knockouts, sparring and other drills.  More importantly they learn strong character skills like being assertive, setting goals and helping others.  They learn about themselves and have fun along the way.  Here are The Academy Black Belts:

Spring 2013

 Sensei James, John, Sensei Hunter, Joseph and Sensei Devin.

Fall 2013

 Daisy, Gunnar, Sensei Brenden, Dan.

Winter 2014


Winter 2016

Angela, Jill and Sensei Haley.

Fall 2016


Winter 2017


Fall 2017


March 2018

Addison Bennett

September 2018


Great job to all the black belts.  Once a black belt, always a black belt.

You can do this. Enroll today.  

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' - Lao Tzu.