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Civilian Self Protection Martial Arts Program:  This is a world class civilian self protection program based on ancient training as well as modern research.  This cutting edge martial art education integrates the best ideas and techniques from many systems.  This program was created in America to meet the day to day needs of the civilians.  You can select three hour workshops or attend weekly classes. 

In addition to being fun, the programs offered at The Academy Martial Arts and Fitness in Midland, MI will increase your skills and improve your physical fitness.  We offer two types of weekly classes: 

Combative Martial Arts:  Craig Sira instructs Combative Martial Arts (CMA) system on Tuesday and Thursday evening and Saturday morning.  Most of the class time will be spent with a partner.  It is not only fun but applying the training to many different partner is the best way to develop and test your skills.

Chinese Kung Fu:  Ricke Rittmair instructs Chinese Kung Fu such as Wing Chun on Wednesday nights. Ricke has over 40 years of experience in the martial arts.

No experience is needed to participate in this program. 

The Academy motto is 'I am worth protecting'.  You are valuable and worth protecting.  The Academy offers world class self protection training.  In addition to effective martial art training, this program will develop character skills including leadership, confidence and respect along with physical fitness.  This program is offered on:

                      Youth                Adults

Tuesday       6:00-6:50             7:00 - 7:50     CMA - Gi required

Wednesday                               6:00 to 8:00   Kung Fu - comfortable workout clothes

Thursday      6:00-6:50            7:00 - 7:50     CMA - Gi required

Saturday       10:00-10:50        11:00 - 11:50  CMA - comfortable workout clothes

A complete martial art education is offered.  The participants will graduate the program with skills which they have tested under adrenaline scenarios.  The training objective is to protect yourself from any realistic attack that is tested via adrenaline scenarios.  You will start with good awareness and boundary setting training.  You will learn unarmed and armed (stick, knife and fire arm) combat techniques and apply them to different attacks such as standing, ground, weapons and multiple attackers.  In addition, students will develop valuable character traits and leadership skills.  

Visit us on facebook:,  or call 989-631-5960 or e-mail [email protected] to schedule a free New Student Orientation.  

We are here to help you achieve success in the martial arts.

The Academy is the Place to Be.

Martial Warriors are Developed Here.

At The Academy we take pride in getting you to do things.  If you are interested in world class training then The Academy is the place to be.  

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You can do this. Enroll today. The next martial art term begins Tuesday, July 13th, 2021.

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The Academy is the Place to Be. Martial Warriors are Developed Here.