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In addition to being fun, the programs offered at The Academy Martial Arts and Fitness in Midland, MI will increase your skills and improve your physical fitness.  We offer four types of activities:

Civilian Self Protection Martial Arts Program:  This is a world class civilian self protection program based on ancient training as well as modern research.  This cutting edge martial art education integrates the best ideas and techniques from many systems.  This program was created in America to meet the day to day needs of the civilians.  You can select three hour workshops or attend weekly classes.  Here is an example of what this training can do for you: 

Combative Martial Arts:  Craig Sira instructs Combative Martial Arts (CMA) system on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  This is a very intense martial art class.

Chinese Kung Fu:  Ricke Rittmair instructs Chinese Kung Fu such as Wing Chun on Wednesday nights. Ricke has over 40 years of experience in the martial arts.

Dance Program:  The Spurs Too Dance Club offers instruction in country and line dancing. This is a great physical activity that will improve your fitness while having a great time.

Please contact [email protected] or 989-631-5960 for information or for any questions.  We are here to help you achieve success in the martial arts.

The Academy is the Place to Be.

Why do you want to train in the martial arts?

The martial arts have a lot to offer.  There are many reasons to begin training such as:

Self Protection:  Would you like to learn skills that allow you deal with bullies?  How would you like to feel safer when visiting a large city or attending college?  The Academy offers world class self defense training that includes critical awareness and de-escalation skills such as proper posture and verbal skills.  A fight avoided is a fight won.  In the scenerio below, notice how well the student uses good verbal skills to clearly communicate to the attacker to back off which will end most situations.

Fitness:  Would you like to improve your fitness level?  How would you like to add variety to your fitness workouts?  The classes at The Academy start with a challenging warm up, including plyometrics.  Most of the training time is spent with a partner doing drills or striking bags so you are moving the whole class.

Confidence:  Would you like to approach life with an ' I can do that attitude'?  Needless to say it is much more fun.  At The Academy you will accomplish tasks that you may have never believed you could do.  Then you can build on the successes from class, into your regular life.

Fun:  How would you like to be surrounded by a group of people interested in helping you succeed?  The training is challenging but it helps to be in a class where everyone supports and encourage each other.  The Academy has a fun, informal atmosphere.



What would you like from the martial arts?  Contact us to set up a new student orientation at [email protected] or 989-631-5960.

Self Protection Topics

Here are some topics that should be covered by a self protection class.

    • Develop fighting spirit - every class
    • Develop combative mindset - every class
    • Develop awareness skills – concrete actions
    • Develop and integrate boundary setting skills
    • Use of surprise and pre-emptive attacks (armed and unarmed)
    • Combative techniques like palm, knee, elbow and eye gouges.
    • Training in street weapons like knife, stick and gun
    • Integrate armed and unarmed training.
    • Use of improvised weapons
    • Application against surprise attacks
    • Develop ground fighting skills to get to your feet.
    • Application against weapon attacks such as knife, stick and gun.
    • Application against multiple attackers

Your skills should be tested under adrenaline scenarios to ensure that you can perform when they are needed.  Your life or your loved ones life may depend on those skills so make certain your learn them and that you have tested them. I would encourage you to print off this checklist and make certain your training delivers.

World Class Martial Art Training

At The Academy we take pride in getting you to do things.  Here is some examples of the type of training you will receive and do at The Academy:

The techniques work and can be used to knockout an attacker (I've had students with less than 3 months training knock out attackers).  The training is tested via full contact sparring (unarmed and armed) and adrenaline scenarios against a fully armored assailant ( Gladiator training armor - The Academy is only school in the area offering this type of training).

If you are interested in world class training then The Academy is the place to be.  Here is an example of what you will learn in action  How would you like to be able to throw a one strike knockout?


You can do this. Enroll today. The next martial art term begins Tuesday, January 8th, 2019.

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' - Lao Tzu.

Spring special - half off the Quick Start Program only $55.